... the ride of
your life!

Inspiring you to live purposefully and maximize your desired potential. Renewing your sense of purpose and aspirations. Moving you to become more engaged in life and career.

Why Actualiz?

On the road of life it is sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees. Many of us are stuck doing things because we feel we have no choice.

Actualiz works with each person and organization uniquely. Helping you to the top of the hill to see your horizons, and set your direction.

Using the cornerstones of organizational and positive psychology Actualīz gives a personal touch to the art and science of human fulfilment.


Keith Morical’s life purpose is to help people achieve their personal best.

Since the 1980’s he has worked with leaders in the Human Resource field to generate their offerings, consulted with a quarter of the Fortune 100 companies, and developed over 300 assessment systems used by millions of people.

As an entrepreneur he starts and grows software companies that build tools that improve human and organizational performance.

A life-long bicycle commuter and tourer, Keith turned ultra–distance bicycle racer in 2018. The next year he finished 2nd in the Trans America Bike Race, 1 st in the North Star Bike Race, and completed Paris-Brest-Paris in under 80 hours. He actively promotes bike rider safety, bike routes, and participation.

There are huge insights gained from
traveling at 15 mph.