Fuel Is Essential to Endurance Riding

June 11, 2020

The following comes from my notes from the Trans America Bike Race (2019).  

 Fuel is essential to endurance riding. I find I can, and need to eat, almostconstantly. The “almost” comes in because sometimes I have to pay attention to something other than my mouth, like traffic or navigation. The better I eat interms of frequency, quality, and quantity, the better I ride.


It's currently 6:10 in the evening. I just had a steak dinner with beans, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and gravy, and beverages in a restaurant. Below is a list of food I repacked to start the evening. I am assuming that by the time I start riding tomorrow, almost all of that will have gone into my stomach. 


All of thisis immediately available within reach and requires little concentration while Iride:


·          Three quarters pound of “Franken” trail mix (a mix of severaltrail mixes that I purchased over the last several days)

·          A nice, nutty-based granola bar and Cliff bar

·          A Nature Valley bar, which just kind of acts as oatmeal for me

·          Bag of salted cashews

·          Some liquid that to turns water into Gatorade-y shit

·          Espresso Love GU package

·          Honey-roasted peanuts and dry-roasted peanuts

·          A liter of Dr. Pepper and a liter of ice water


In addition in my “LunchBag” in front of my handlebars I am carrying:

·          A piece of yummy cheesecake with blueberry sauce

·          About a quarter pound of grapes

·          Chewy sports “blocks”

·          At least two other GU packets

·          At least two more granola bars of some Nature Valley variety,because I've been getting them by the box lately

·          Two extra-large Reese's peanut butter cups

·          Yogurt that was going to be breakfast today, but I forgot about;it will still be good by tomorrow (frame bag)

·          Banana (jersey pocket)


And in my seat bag second dinner:


·          Two extremely large burritos (think Chipotle size)


A second dinner was consumed three hours and 15 minutes afterthe steak dinner. Riding was rarely as strong.

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